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Corroboree Boat Hire 

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Conditions of Hire


A security deposit is payable at the commencement of each hire. This will be refunded at completion of the hire, providing there is no damage or missing equipment, the boat is clean and full of fuel, and the vessel is returned on time. All damage to motors, boats or equipment is to be paid for at completion of the hire.


The hirer will hold a current driver's licence. (Skippers ticket is not required in the Northern Territory)

The hirer will be the driver of the vessel.

The hirer will operate the vessel in a safe manner.

The driver of the vessel may not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while driving the vessel.

The driver and passengers must remain out of the water at all times as crocodiles inhabit the waters in the Northern Territory.

The hirer will keep the vessel and equipment secure during the hire.